Heraeus to Showcase High Efficient Conductive Pastes at PV Taiwan 2015

published: 2015-10-12 18:19 | editor: | category: News

Heraeus Photovoltaics will present the high efficient silver paste for PERC and N-type cells at the PV Taiwan 2015 at the Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall, during October 14-16, 2015. The SOL9621 Series paste for PERC allows manufacturers to produce PERC cells with efficiency up to 21.7%, while paste for N-type cells has been proven to increase the conversion efficiency by 0.1%.

Taiwan manufacturers around 15% of worldwide PV cell production capacity, so that Heraeus has been developing relationships with Taiwanese cell manufacturers. The company has opened a product development R&D centre in Taipei to better support customer requests on site.

Andreas Liebheit, President of Heraeus Photovoltaic states, "Heraeus' mission is to constantly improve PERC efficiency to allow cell manufacturers to grow at high rates."

During the exhibition, Heraeus will also introduce several additional new product for the metallization of solar cells. For PERC cell design applications, Heraeus will be introducing the SOL9621P, a new front-side paste designed specifically for PERC application. Heraeus aims to establish more partnerships with Taiwanese PERC cell makers so that they would be able to customize their pastes to the specific cell designs, which leads to most optimized cell performance.

Two new customized pastes for n-type cell designs will also be showcased. The SOL9350C for p+ surface contact has demonstrated 0.1% higher cell efficiency. For n+ surface contact, Heraeus will introduce the SOL9621L. The new paste from the SOL9621 Series is specifically designing for n-type applications, having a lower silver content and less paste usage required while still providing excellent performance in combination with the SOL9350C. Heraeus will also be feature its SOL9631 Series.  Within the series of tellurium based front-side metallization pastes are formulations with minimal to no lead added. The performance is equal to the SOL9621 Series with the potential for greater cell efficiencies.

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