BIG SUN’s Flexible Dual-axis Technology is Sustainable under Extreme Conditions

published: 2015-10-12 18:42 | editor: | category: News

Taiwan was hit by two extremely strong tropical storms during the typhoon season of 2015, and they caused severe damage to several solar PV projects across the island. Such natural disasters slash ROI of PV systems, while BIG SUN, a Taiwan-based solar tracker system developer, has already come up with a flexible solution to help PV systems survive from the extreme weathers – the dual-axis iPV Solar Tracker.

With its dynamic balancing design of parachute-like (cable-driven) structure, iPV Solar Trackers are wind-resistant even being hit by a typhoon. During the typhoon season 2015, there is not any iPV Solar Tracker damaged. The patent iPV Solar Tracker works like a seat belt, it protects the PV system to face extreme situations as well as without hitting surroundings.

The iPV Solar Tracker can be installed rapidly without extensive land grading and concrete curing due to its H-piling construction. Moreover, the iPV Solar Tracker could sustain over 25 years, helping maximize the return of investment as well as preserve the environment.

"Follow the sun to get the proper power generation system and make the right investment for best profits. More importantly, we should always have good intentions to produce good energy and respect our mother earth," emphasized Summer Luo, chairman of BIG SUN Group.

BIG SUN will be at booth #K0601 at this year’s PV Taiwan 2015 held in Taipei, Taiwan.

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