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Profits in 3Q15 Reported by Gintech, TSEC

published: 2015-10-23 17:11

Some Taiwan-based solar PV manufacturers have unveiled their preliminary key financial results. Gintech and TSEC both reported profit in the third quarter of 2015 due to the stronger market demand.

Gintech: positive net profit reached

Driven by increased ASP resulted from higher utilization rate and lower costs, Gintech met NT$137 million net income in 3Q15. Gross margin improved from -2.6% in the prior quarter and from -8.1% in the same quarter in 2014.

The EPS was $0.31 in Q3/2015, compared to loss per share of ($0.82) in Q2/2015 and loss per share of ($1.08) in Q3/2014.

However, the ($628) million net loss in the first half offset the income in the third quarter and the EPS was ($1.24) from 1Q to 3Q. Gintech will accelerate deploying its 400MW cell facility in Thailand for future profit.

TSEC: turns from loss to profit

TSEC was listed stock on Taiwan Stock Exchange in early October by NT$13 per share. The stock has raised 56% from its IPO because of the vibrant market in the recent.

The EPS was $0.3 in the third quarter and it is expected to reach $1 in 2016.

During the third quarter, the company also turned from loss to profit thanks to the high order visibility.

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