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Hanwha Q CELLS, Omron Co-develop Battery for Residential Solar Systems

published: 2015-11-09 17:56

In Japan, solar demand from residential market is stronger and stronger, triggering needs to energy storage systems. To meet the emerging demand, Hanwha Q CELLS Japan and Omron together unveiled the 6.4kWh hybrid energy storage system for residential use. The energy storage system is now available in Japan.

The hybrid li-ion battery unit combines Q CELLS Japan’s hybrid energy storage technology and Omron’s power conditioning system (PCS, generally current converter or inverter) so each of them is capable of converting current between AC and DC. Such key features, capability of converting and power conditioning, enable the hybrid system to integrate with solar generating systems. The hybrid battery helps storage electricity generated from the solar systems and discharge for home use. The innovation is also lower-cost as well as simpler to install because it needs no extra PCS devices.

The hybrid energy storage system can be swapped between two major modes. When it is tuned as the “Economic Mode,” it storages solar electricity during the day and discharge it during the night for home use, helping reducing volume of power purchased from electricity companies. The “Save Mode,” in contrast, can be set when it is stroke by power outage so that the device could ensure the house’s basic power supply.

The hybrid energy storage system is small-scale, lightweight and easy to installation, so it is suitable for residential use.

(Graphic: scheme of the comprehensive energy system; red frame: the hybrid energy storage unit. Source: Hanwha Q CELLS Japan.)

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