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TXU Energy Provides Texans with SunPower-Developed TXU Solar Panel

published: 2015-11-10 11:53

TXU Energy announced its cooperation with SunPower for supplying its Texan rooftop customers with TUX Solar, a high efficiency yet affordable solar panel developed by SunPower. The SunPower panels produce 70% more energy than conventional panels in the same space, and enables residential consumers to produce their own electricity on basis of the 25-year warranty.

TXU Energy is one of the leaders which provide rooftop solar solutions to residential consumers in North Texas. Furthermore, TXU Energy is one of the few retail electricity providers that pay residential and small business customers for electricity their renewable energy systems generate but their homes and businesses don’t use.

TXU Solar from SunPower comes with a simple online and mobile monitoring system so homeowners can track their electricity production, and it will further empower TXU Energy’s customers to reduce the amount of electricity they buy.

“SunPower is pleased to team up with TXU Energy to make high-efficiency and highly reliable solar power accessible to Texas families,” said Howard Wenger, SunPower president, business units. “We look forward to welcoming more Texas homeowners to our more than 500,000 customers across the globe that are benefiting from SunPower’s industry-leading solar technology today.”

To be eligible, consumers must own a single-family home with a south-to-southwestern exposure. Affordable financing options will be available, helping more Texas homeowners choose solar to meet their energy needs with no money down. Homeowners can keep the solar tax credits and any local incentives for which they may be eligible.

Residential and small business consumers with rooftop systems from other providers may be eligible to join TXU Energy and receive payments for their excess renewable electricity.

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