Electric Vehicle Sales Jump by 222%: BYD

published: 2015-11-30 15:44 | editor: | category: News

BYD, a China-based electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, unveiled an EV sale jump during January to October 2015 comparing to the same period of 2014. BYD sold cumulatively 43,069 EVs during the first 10 months of 2015, representing a 222% sale growth y-o-y.

A representative from BYD pointed out in an Interview, “From May to September, BYD’s global EV sales ranked no.1 sequentially. Our EV sales surpassed Mitsubishi, Nissan, and Tesla, and brought us an 11% global market share.”

China has already published a series of promoting policies to increase the nation’s adoption of so-called “new energy car,” which means EVs including plug-in vehicle and hybrid cars. The representative contributed BYD’s success in EV sale to Beijing government’s supportive policies, the company's extraordinary products and progressive customer attitudes.

BYD has several series of EV products. Its famous BYD Qin, Tang and Song series are currently plug-in hybrid vehicles, while the company plans to unveil all-electric version of the Tang and Song series as well as a new series called “Yuan” – naming after the Mongol/Yuan dynasty. At the same time, BYD’s electric bus series including K9 and e6 have been delivered to 36 countries, 160 cities around the world for massive transportation services.

(photo credit: BYD)

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