Gintech’s PERC Cell Reaches Record-high Efficiency, 21.44%

published: 2015-12-29 19:03 | editor: | category: News

Gintech Energy, a Taiwanese PV cell manufacturer, has successfully increased the average efficiency of self-developed PERC cell to greater than 21.10% with a maximal efficiency of 21.44%. The record has been certificated by The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) in Taiwan.

Gintech has developed the third generation of its PERC solar cell technology. The record-high PERC cells are applied the second generation of its PERC solar cell technology. By optimizing Laser Doping Selective Emitter and Fine Line Metallization on the front side, and cooperating with ITRI to optimize Rear Side Passivation on the back side, the technologies combined have further pushed up the average efficiency of greater than 21.10% and a maximal efficiency of 21.44%.

“We are not only launching the mass production of high efficiency solar cells with a maximal efficiency of 21.44%, but also introducing a differentiated solution to cope with Light Induced Degradation (LID) issues of P-type solar cells,” commentedDr. K.C. Lin, R&D Director of Gintech Energy. “We effectively manage the LID issues caused by the physical characteristics of P-type solar cell material.”

The solution to the LID issues also brings higher ROI to Gintech’s massive production of PERC cells.

Gintech has been recognized as a leader in the global PERC technology developers, while the latest achievement again demonstrates the company’s R&D capabilities. Dr. Walt Huang, R&D Vice President of Gintech, commented that Gintech leverages the government’s R&D funding for developing and successfully created the next-generation solar cells. The new technology will not only drive the supply chain but will also increase the company’s international compatibility and improve profitability.

“The most import job for Gintech now, is to expand and secure its downstream clients,” said an analyst at EnergyTrend. “Only through stable orders can the company become profitable by the excellent PERC technology and high efficiency cells.”

Gintech has 1.8GW of PV cell production capacity in Taiwan, and approximately 10% of the total capacity is for producing monocrystalline PERC PV cells. Meanwhile, Gintech’s overseas capacity allocations in Thailand, 1GW of PV cells and 450MW of PV modules, will be put operation gradually.

Gintech announced a capital increase cooperation with Chinese firm Tongwei in July this year so that the company will also integrate with its partner’s 2.3GW PV cell production capacity. Tongwei’s downstream PV projects would utilize PV modules using PV cells manufactured by Gintech as well.

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