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Pellion’s Next-gen Li-ion Cell Technology Backed by Motorola

published: 2016-01-20 15:51

Motorola Solutions has decided to invest in Pellion Technologies for developing next-generation, high-energy-density battery that delivers twice the energy of mainstream lithium-ion cells.

Motorola’s customers stress the importance of safety and reliant on mobile technology, so that the company decided to back Pellion for new battery technologies.

Pellion’s next-generation technology enables novel, high-energy-density batteries delivering twice the energy of lithium-ion cells in a comparable weight and volume. Pellion’s batteries are now being tested in select demonstration devices in the mobile, wireless and robotics spaces.

“While the promising battery technology developed by Pellion is still in the early stages of deployment, we believe it has exciting potential to substantially benefit our products and, ultimately, our customers,” stated Motorola Solutions Chief Technology Officer Paul Steinberg

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