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SolarWorld and sonnen Partner for Solar-plus-storage Package

published: 2016-01-30 17:58

SolarWorld and sonnen jointly announced their strategic partnership for development of smart energy storage business in the U.S. market. The partnership aims to give people a straightforward access for using renewable energy effectively.

SolarWorld is a global PV c-Si solar manufacturer, while sonnen is a market leader in smart energy storage solutions in Europe. The other partners include PetersenDean, one of the nation's largest residential roofing companies with more than a million roofs under its belt, and Spruce, an expert in residential solar and efficiency financing.

“Solar has seen tremendous growth over the past decade in the U.S. market, and all signs point to continued growth,” said Ardes Johnson, SolarWorld’s U.S. vice president for sales and marketing. “Energy storage stands at the beginning stages of adoption, and with companies like sonnen driving technology, we see this market achieving a similar growth trajectory as solar.”

The all-in-one solar-plus-storage solution is based on sonne’s sonneBatterie eco storage system. The minimal balance-of-system cost system is designed for residential and commercial customers to save electricity fees through comprehensive energy management, peak-shaving, full-home backup, smart-home integration and grid-service features. sonneBatterie fits well with the company’s Solar4America campaign, which taps American products and labor in spreading solar across the nation’s rooftop.

Attractive financing is another key to expand the residential solar-plus-storage customer market. Spruce evaluates the sonnenBatterie products as an adequate target so works with sonnen to develop financing for residential electricity storage. The financing program is scheduled to be available to sonnen’s channel partners in the first quarter of 2016.

"We are all resolved to offer complete solar solutions that include and promote the arrival of storage,” said Erin Clark, president of PetersenDean's fast-growing solar division. “We, SolarWorld and sonnen are all best-in-class operators and employers right here on U.S. soil." 

Coupled with a solar-energy system, the sonnenBatterie eco systems can supply residential owners with up to 100% of their energy needs. For commercial customers, sonnenBatterie pro helps reduce demand spikes that lead to peak load charges and allows businesses to participate in utility demand response programs throughout the U.S.

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