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Solar Frontier’s Solar Panels Certified by Hail Test

published: 2016-03-14 18:32

Solar Frontier’s s-series solar panels has passed damaging hail tests conducted by the VDE Testing and Certification Institute (VDE), internationally accredited testing institute for electronic equipment. The s-series panels are certified of being able to withstand the impact of 45mm-wide damage-causing hail, which is approximately the same size to a golf ball.

To conduct the tests, VDE fired multiple 45mm-wide ice balls at 110 km/hr at Solar Frontier’s panels, while standard industry tests usually cover up to 25mm-wide ice balls fired at 83km/hr. With the test results, Solar Frontier confirms that their solar panels are sustainable in regions suffering from frequent winter storms.

The high durability of Solar Frontier panels is created by solid glass surface, aluminum frame, airtight sealant, and the precise consistency of its manufacturing process, noted the company in a statement. All Solar Frontier panels are manufactured in a fully-automated production plant in Japan, where not a single human hand touches the module until the panel’s final quality inspection.

Solar panels are expected to operate over 20 to 25 years no matter what’s kind of environment they are installed. By receiving hail test certifications, Solar Frontier demonstrates their solar panels are suitable even for challenging environments such as ammonia-heavy areas, salt-mist areas, and in areas with sandstorms.

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