WTO Finds Nothing Wrong With the Trump Administration Imposed on Solar Panels Imported from China

published: 2021-09-06 17:15 | editor: | category: News

Trump announced in early 2018 four years of import caps and tariffs on panels after a certain amount was imported. That was in response to a trade suit filed in April 2017 by a bankrupt U.S. solar manufacturer that claimed it had been harmed by low-cost imports, mostly from Asia. The U.S. International Trade Commission agreed in October that year, paving the way for Trump’s decision.

Subsequently, China had filed a complaint with the WTO in August 2018 accusing the US of going against international trade rules by imposing these restrictions and that America had failed to establish the required causal link between the increased imports and the serious injury on domestic industry.

WTO dispute panel rejected all four of China’s claims against the U.S. relating to safeguard measures that the Trump administration imposed on solar panels imported from Chinese manufacturers.

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