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Tri Global Energy Leads the US Wind Energy Market

published: 2016-04-14 17:48

Dallas-based renewable energy company, Tri Global Energy, continued to lead the U.S. with nearly 2,100MW of wind energy projects under construction, according to the American Wind Energy Association's Annual Market Report for 2015, released on April 13.

Tri Global Energy is the single largest leader of all wind power projects under construction in Texas, which dominated all other states, reporting just over 5,000 MW of projects under construction in 2015. The company also remained the national leader of wind power projects under construction, with all states including Texas reporting 9,400 MW of wind projects under construction in 2015.

"Wind power has been on a roll," said John Billingsley, Chairman and CEO of Tri Global Energy, "and we've seen that an investment in wind power and in wind projects not only generates new jobs and economic development in rural areas, but it provides clean air benefits."

"That's something that fossil fuels can't deliver," said Billingsley. U.S. wind power is expected to double, at the least, by 2020.

Currently there are over 70 wind projects under construction in 22 states plus Guam. Behind Texas in wind projects under construction are Oklahoma with 695 MW, Nebraska with 436 MW, Minnesota with 429 MW, Kansas with 353 MW and New Mexico with 331 MW.

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