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EnergyTrend Receives Terawatt Level PV Industry Media Award at SNEC 2016

published: 2016-06-02 18:40

This is the tenth year for Shanghai’s SNEC, which symbolizes China’s developmental path in the global PV industry. Sponsors from SNEC gave out a series of awards to celebrate its tenth anniversary and thank for everyone’s support. EnergyTrend was awarded “Terawatt Level PV Industry Media Award” and the award was presented at the same time SNEC gave out the “top 10 highlights award” on May 26th.

SNEC is world’s largest PV exhibition, gathering PV professions from the world. This year happens to be the tenth anniversary of SNEC. SNEC took the time to praise those who participated in the exhibition in the past ten years, including international organizations, scientists, PV experts, companies, and media that always supported SNEC.

 (Translation: This “Terawatt Level PV Industry Media Award” is presented to EnergyTrend after evaluations from our judges.)

Recognized by PV professions from all over the world, EnergyTrend is dedicated in providing in-depth research, professional market trend reports, and high-quality customer services. This Year, EnergyTrend was awarded “Terawatt Level PV Industry Media Award” and a certificate during SNEC. The award was presented by SNEC’s sponsor, president Mi Yue. “Media is a very important part to the thriving development of SNEC. We present this award to thank every media for their hard work. We hope that the PV industry will grow even more,” said President Mi Yue.

At the same time we receive “Terawatt Level PV Industry Media Award,” we thank everyone for the long-term support for EnergyTrend and thank all the staffs from TrendForce for great support. 

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