Lerri Solar and 3M Launch Module Technology Collaboration

published: 2016-06-08 16:37 | editor: | category: News

Lerri Solar, monocrystalline PV cell and module manufacturer, and 3M, world-leading supplier of materials, have formed a partnership for PV module technology. This is Lerri Solar’s another technology collaboration following a partnership formed with DuPont, manufacturer of “Solamet” metallization pastes, last year.

The agreement suggests that 3M shall provide and design products for the assemble of PV modules, including glass anti-reflection coating, light guide film, insulating film, tape and other ancillary products, reported PV Tech.

“We expect that Lerri and 3M will deepen and broaden the cooperation to forge an efficient monocrystalline PV industrial eco-chain,” said Zhong Baoshen, chairman of Xi’an LONGi Silicon Materials, the owner of Lerri Solar. He noted to provide more cost-effective products for customers to create more revenue and accelerate the progress of grid parity.

As EnergyTrend learnt, Lerri Solar currently has 2GW of PV cell and module production capacities, respectively. The company aims to expand its cell capacity 1GW per year and module 2GW per year. All of expected new capacities will be monocrystalline products.

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