TMEIC’s PV Inverter Awarded UL Certification

published: 2016-06-30 16:07 | editor: | category: News

Solar Ware® Samurai 1500VDC PV inverter, the latest addition toToshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Industrial Systems Corporation’s (TMEIC’s) portfolio of PV utility-scale solar inverters for industrial markets, has awarded UL1741 safety certification, including meeting the IEEE 1547 Standards for Distributed Resources Interconnection and Interoperability With the Grid.

Solar Ware® Samurai inverter is the world’s first 1500V inverter that receives the UL certification. This series features outdoor PV inverter designing for harsh environments, and a hybrid and energy efficient cooling system. Its highest power conversion efficiency is 98.8%.

Comparing with 1000V inverters, Solar Ware® series offers approximately 30% reduction of the number of inverters installed. It also reduces peripheral equipment such as a set-up transformer, switchgear and cables as well as installation and wiring work when install Solar Ware® 1500V inverters. As a result, operating costs can be significantly reduced.

"This UL certification demonstrates our commitment to delivering high quality, high performance inverters and highlights our dedication to bringing our customers the equipment needed to develop modern and efficient grids, while adhering to the highest safety standards," stated Donn Samsa, TMEIC Renewable Energy General Manager.

TMEIC is one of the world’s largest PV inverter solution integrator that has over 30-year experience in manufacturing and R&D in the renewable energy industry. The company has already shipped 8.3GW of PV inverters globally, including 14 states in the U.S.

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