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Yingli’s PV Cell Evaluation Index been Reviewed in China

published: 2016-07-06 17:38

Yingli Green Energy’s (Yingli Solar’s) draft of The Clean Production Evaluation Index System of PV Cell (the System) has been examined by subject matter experts at a conference at the end of June 2016, which was the first evaluation system in PV industry. Sponsored by National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), China National Institute of Standardization (CNIS), China Research Academy of Environmental Science (CRAES), Yingli, along with other Chinese major leading solar companies, were part of the project team to set up the System since September 2013.

During the conference, a panel consisting of officials from NDRC and MIIT as well as experts from CNIS, CRAES, and the PV industry discussed the System and reviewed the draft. They concluded that the System included scientific and reasonable indexes reflecting the characteristics of cleaner production of PV cells with strong operability. The panel also suggested further modifying the draft according to the comments of the reviewers and submitting it to NDRC, MIIT, and the Ministry of Environmental Protection for a joint release.

Based on investigations of the clean production status of tier one PV companies in China, the System establishes comprehensive evaluation indexes on the production of PV cells including the production process, equipment used, energy consumption, comprehensive utilization of resources, pollution emission, product feature, and clean production management. The establishment of the System is critical to the sustainable development of PV cell production in China by improving energy conservation and emissions reduction.

"Yingli expects to help lead and establish a benchmark for the clean production of PV industry in China through the System. Through the System, we are not only showing our commitment to provide green energy for all, but we are also pioneering the trend of clean production in the photovoltaic industry through technology advancements and reduction of carbon emissions in order to give back to our communities and protect the environment," said Mr. Dengyuan Song, Chief Technology Officer of Yingli.

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