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Samsung SDI and Sungrow Commence Operation of 2000MWh ESS Production in China

published: 2016-07-11 19:00

Samsung SDI and Sungrow jointly invested US$170 million in constructing a 2,000MWh energy storage system (ESS) production capacity in Hefei, China. The first phase of the construction was completed earlier this year and was officially commenced operation on July 8.

Attended by Sungrow president Renxian Cao, head of Samsung SDI ESS Business Team Sewoong Park, industry insiders and government officials, the commencing ceremony was followed by a plant tour and a seminar focusing on technologies, difficulties, policies and the future of topics including lithium batteries, ESS and smart energies.

Renxian Cao pointed out that ESS is necessary for expansion of renewable energy installations. Furthermore, ESS solutions will help solve the power generation curtailment problem in western China because batteries can store electricity for power grid regulation.

“On basis of Sungrow’s years of experiences in energy storage technology and the incentive policies introduced by the Chinese government, we look forward to make more breakthrough on energy storing technologies,” said Cao. “The Sungrow-Samsung alliance will definitely take preemptive opportunities of the world’s energy storage market as we will combine Samsung SDI’s attribution and Sungrow’s group resources.”

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