sonnen Offers Commercial- and Industrial-scale Battery Solution

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sonnen announced its entrance into the commercial- and industrial-scale energy storage solutions through a partnership formed with Ideal Power. The sonnenBatterie pro uses Ideal Power’s effective power conversion systems to offer all-in-one smart energy management solution for small businesses.

The fully integrated sonnenBatterie pro system includes the Ideal Power inverter, durable battery modules with a 10,000 cycle lifetime, and a smart energy management. The sonnenBatterie pro is integrated with Ideal Power's 30kW Power Conversion System, which is based on their patented and award-winning Power Packet Switching Architecture™ (PPSA). Ideal Power's power conversion systems are small, light, and easy to deploy and are ETL certified for UL1741 conformance. The modular sonnenBatterie pro scales from 18kW / 24 kWh up to 90kW / 240 kWh in a modular design and is available for shipping in late Q4 2016.

sonnenBatterie pro has sonnen’s self-learning software, which helps reduce electricity costs by shaving peak demand as well as utilizes time-of-use electricity rates. Businesses that adopt sonnen Batteire pro can use their self-generated solar electricity in a more efficient way.

"Businesses are a key market for sonnen given the increasing amount of commercial solar installations and the growing cost of electricity.  With the pro we are providing them with a reliable tool for understanding and better managing their facility's energy usage both today and in the future," said Boris von Bormann, CEO of sonnen.

Over 12,000 global homes are using sonnen’s products such as sonnenBatterie eco, a robust residential smart energy management system that provides backup power, off-grid, solar self-consumption and time-of-use for smart homes. sonnen recently released sonnenBatteire eco compact to provides greater solar self-consumption and time-of-use management.

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