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30MW Solar Power Plant Starts Operation Next to Nagasaki Airport

published: 2016-08-02 17:18

Kyushu, Japan enjoys higher solar radiation than most regions in the country. World-leader in CIS module solution Solar Frontier and Chopro, a LPG distributor and solar power producer, jointly established the company Nagasaki Solar Energy to develop a 30MW solar project next to Nagasaki Airport. The project has been completed, and an opening ceremony was hosted on August 2.

The “SOL de Omura Minojima Solar Power Plant” is the largest solar project in Nagasaki Prefecture as well as current’s largest in Japan. Covering a land of approximately 34 hectares, the plant is expected to generate approximately 37GWh of clean electricity per year, enough for powering 7,500 local homes.

Construction and Challenge

Nagasaki Solar Energy was completely responsible for the power plant’s development and management. The plant, which located next to Nagasaki Airport’s runway and on an offshore island, presented a number of specific challenges. The solar panels, for example, shall be non-reflective or the aircraft operations could be affected. The height of the racking systems shall also be properly designed to meet certain regulatory restrictions due to airplanes landing and taking off.

Chiyoda Corporate provided the EPC services for the project with not-reflective CIS solar panels provided by Solar Frontier. On the other hand, the project is benefited from the support of regional companies, including a syndicate of local banks from the Kyushu region (led by Mizuho Bank) which provided non-recourse project financing. Construction began in April, 2015, and was completed on schedule in July, 2016.

A 10 kilometer submarine power cable has been laid for the plant to connect to the power grid on mainland Kyushu. Electricity generated from the plant will be transmitted and sold to Kyushu Electric Power Company.

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