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GE to Install Rooftop Solar System for New Global Headquarters

published: 2016-08-02 16:47

GE is about to build its new global headquarters in the Fort Point Channel in Boston. The company released detailed plans for the new campus and announced to add rooftop solar system atop of the buildings.

“We want our campus to be a global epicenter of innovation, a place to foster relationships among our employees and the greater community,” said Ann R. Klee, head of Boston Development and Operations for GE. “Our headquarters is designed to engage and leverage the talent, technology and work ethic of Fort Point and greater Boston, while also giving back to the community through investment, rehabilitation and an inviting public space.”

The new headquarters will be opened in two phases in 2018 and will ultimately host approximately 800 GE employees as well as collaborators from the innovation, start-up and learning communities.

A 12-story new building will be constructed between to GE’s historic brick buildings. After the completion, the campus will cover a land of 2.4 acres and features spaces including Maker space for innovators and STEM community, Converner space for presentations and events, Community work lounge for visitor reception as well as a “co-work” area, Laboratory space for 6-12 to engage in science, Innovation and exploration center for display GE’s heritage, and Employee community space for employees.

GE will build the new headquarters under the company’s commitment to a better world. The GE Boston headquarters will use the Energy Use Index and will be LEED version 4. Four “Key green features” will also be applied, which are: encouragement of low-carbon transportation, reuse of existing buildings, rooftop solar system, and green and vegetated roof areas.

Construction will be taken place in the fourth quarter of 2016.

(Graphic: screenshot from Boston Redevelopment Authority)

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