Orbital ATK Selects GS Yuasa’s Li-ion Cells for MEV

published: 2016-11-15 14:22 | editor: | category: News

GS Yuasa Lithium Power (GYLP), a US subsidiary of GS Yuasa Corporation (GYC), announced that Orbital ATK has selected lithium-ion cells manufactured by GS Yuasa Technology (GYT) to power its Mission Extension Vehicle (MEV-1).

The MEV is an innovative space vehicle which can dock with geosynchronous satellites already on-orbit. After docking the MEV assumes station keeping and attitude control responsibilities. For satellites running low on propellant, MEV can extend service life. The launch of MEV-1 is slated for late 2018. Orbital ATK's long-term vision is to establish a fleet of MEVs that can extend the useful life of commercial and government GEO satellites among other services.

In addition to providing program support to Orbital ATK, GYLP will work with their partner, EaglePicher Technologies, LLC, who will design and manufacture the battery system using GYT's Gen III LSE110 lithium-ion cells. "Winning another contract award with EaglePicher, our strategic partner for more than a decade, demonstrates how cooperation between these technology leaders so often results in the most compelling value for our customers," commented Bill Moll, GYLP President.

"GYLP is excited to work with Orbital ATK as they create this new and innovative market for mission extension vehicles and services," said GYLP's Director of Business Development, Curtis Aldrich. "This latest award demonstrates Orbital ATK's continued confidence in GS Yuasa's LSE lithium-ion technology for space applications and further solidifies GS Yuasa's position as the leading global supplier of lithium-ion energy storage for satellites."

(Image source: Orbital ATK)

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