Mitsubishi Electric Showcases New EV-related Technologies at CES 2017

published: 2017-01-05 18:17 | editor: | category: News

CES 2017 will be held in Las Vegas from January 5 to 8. Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America has released its booth plan that involves the theme “The future of the personalized vehicle”.

IoT, auto-drive, and in-vehicle infotainment platform are keywords to future electric vehicles. Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America will display several solutions related to these technologies under its theme.

One of the highlight of Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America’s display at CES 2017 is the “FLEXCpnnect.AI”, a platform that features high-resolution displays and can perform as the driver’s driving assistant in a visualized way.

Mitsubishi Electric Mobil Mapping System “MMS-G220” is another feature at Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America’s booth. The latest MMS is a measuring system using car-mounted GPS antennas, laser scanners and cameras to offer a reliable autonomous driving system. Gathering 3D positioning data of road surfaces and roadside features, the mapping mechanism can be highly accurate than old ones.

Mitsubishi Electric will also showcase its electric vehicle concept car – EMIRAI 3.1 x DAS system. The EMIRAI concept car features next-generation driver assistance that creates a safe, comfortable ride for future drivers. The DAS system features a hands-on, 3-D heads-up display and advanced HMI technologies, such as multi-bonded displays and gesture control.

(Photo: EMIRAI 3 x DAS system concept car. Source: Mitsubishi Electric

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