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50MW Solar Project Developed by SunPower to Serve NV Energy

published: 2017-02-14 17:36

NV Energy announced that the 50MW Boulder Solar II power plant – which was developed, designed and constructed by SunPower – achieved its commercial operation status and is now serving NV Energy customers in Nevada.

Boulder Solar II is the 14th solar energy resource to serve customers in Nevada, and one of 43 diverse renewable energy projects that are helping to meet the electricity needs of NV Energy customers. It is located southeast of Las Vegas adjacent to the Boulder Solar I resource, which also recently was completed by SunPower and is helping the City of Las Vegas serve its city buildings, parks and lighting with 100 percent green energy. Combined, these two projects represent the largest solar energy resource serving NV Energy customers.

NV Energy's Senior Vice President of Renewable Energy and Smart Infrastructure Pat Egan noted that the Boulder Solar II project not only benefits NV Energy customers, but also has a positive impact on all residents in Nevada as well as a major customer that is now receiving the renewable energy credits associated with the project.

"All Nevadans benefit from the economic development associated with the construction of another new renewable energy facility in our state, and the renewable energy credits help encourage major customers with impressive sustainability goals to locate in or stay in Nevada.  Additionally, our company and our customers benefit because these power purchase agreements help diversify our generation portfolio and provide long-term sources of renewable energy and capacity at a predictable and low price," he said.

Boulder Solar II is owned by AEP Renewables LLC, a subsidiary of American Electric Power. SunPower is providing ongoing operation and maintenance services for the facility on behalf of AEP Renewables.

SunPower's Senior Vice President, Americas Power Plants Ty Daul noted that the Boulder Solar II power plant is the result of the competitive cost of solar energy today, as well as NV Energy's GreenEnergy Rider program that helps commercial customers achieve their renewable energy goals.

"The facility is constructed with high-efficiency SunPower technology and will reliably maximize energy production on that site for decades and utilize Nevada's abundant, emission-free solar resource. We are pleased to partner with AEP Renewables and NV Energy on this important project," Daul said.

At the Boulder Solar sites, SunPower installed SunPower Oasis® Power Plant technology, a fully integrated, modular solar power block that is engineered to rapidly and cost-effectively deploy large solar projects while maximizing power generation and optimizing land use.

(Photo: SunPower's Blue Hills solar project. Source: SunPower)

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