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eMotorWerks Electric Vehicle to Grid Charging Platform Sales Doubled

published: 2017-05-24 18:08

Showing strong traction in the growing electric vehicle market, the sales and user base of eMotorWerks is growing exponentially. In the past 12 months, eMotorWerks has increased both its sales and customer base to over 18,000 charging stations installed globally. The year 2016 was also the third consecutive year in which eMotorWerks doubled its revenues, making it one of their most successful years to date.

This continued expansion coincides with eMotorWerks' recent partnership with multiple third-party EVSE companies such AeroVironment, top-tier OEM supplier Webasto, and the cashless payment provider Nayax. These are among the many product companies who are enabling their charging stations with JuiceNet cloud software to create an open platform for smart-grid EV charging that leverages abundant renewable energy while offering utility-coordinated aggregation for load balancing and control.

"Our smart grid charging solutions continue to gain significant growth because we solve problems that directly affect EV drivers, charging station equipment manufacturers as well as utility operators," said eMotorWerks CEO, Val Miftakhov. "Beyond the well publicized growth the EV industry will enjoy during the next five years, a massive challenge lies ahead: the ability for electricity providers to charge EVs while maintaining a reliable grid for everyone, while at the same time taking advantage of the abundant and less expensive solar and wind energy available on our grid. Our solution primes operators for the upcoming grid demand while also providing an intuitive and convenient solution for drivers that doesn't impact usage of their vehicles: smart-grid charging stations from a variety of leading vendors all linked to our JuiceNet open-standards based communications and control platform. We offer a proven track record of robust, reliable and enduring solutions for utilities and EV drivers who are looking to further prepare for the accelerating growth in EV adoption."

Much of eMotorWerks' success has come from the company's JuiceNet platform. JuiceNet and its associated APIs provides innovative utilities, grid operators and "load aggregators" the ability to aggregate fleets of charging EVs and modulate energy demand on the grid, to allow for collective EV load shifting to times when renewable resources are more abundant and or energy rates are lower. Beyond AeroVironment and Nayax, eMotorWerks also partnered with the German energy company, conenergy, to create solar-optimized EV charging solutions that increase utility tariff savings for commercial and residential solar owners. Additionally, utilities such as Sonoma Clean Power work with eMotorWerks to provide free smart-grid enabled charging stations and reward programs to EV drivers in their region.

"In addition to manufacturing jobs we're creating by designing and assembling cutting-edge electric vehicle charging stations here in the USA, these home grown, renewable sources of energy create high-quality local jobs," said Preston Roper, COO of eMotorWerks. "Rather than sending petro-dollars overseas to fuel internal combustion engine vehicles here at home, eMotorWerks is enabling the EV revolution to benefit a variety of parties, from assembly line workers to automotive and utility participants, to drivers."

Beyond revenue and user growth, eMotorWerks has also grown its workforce to a total of over 40 employees, across its California-based headquarters and European development and sales offices.

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