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SimpliPhi Power Brings Non-Toxic ESS Solution to the UK

published: 2017-06-16 18:05

SimpliPhi Power has continued its global expansion into Europe through a new distribution partnership with Streamline Power Limited. The award-winning SimpliPhi Lithium Ferrous Phosphate battery solution has already been installed in a residential project in Winchester, England, the first of many installations underway in the region. The excess energy generated by the Winchester home's rooftop solar array is stored by two SimpliPhi 3.4 kWh batteries, which are safely installed under the home's main staircase, a closet similar to the one occupied by a famous boy-wizard.

"We are delighted to expand into the U.K. and beyond with Streamline Power, and that our PHI batteries were chosen by the Winchester family over other Lithium chemistries available in the market. This small installation showcases big implications - by removing the hazardous element cobalt from our battery chemistry, we are able to provide safe storage solutions that do not pose the risk of thermal runaway and fires. Not only does this mean the PHI batteries can be safely installed in small unventilated spaces, such as a closet inside the home, but they create efficient, powerful and long term solutions that de-risk the energy storage proposition overall. People should not have to chose between their own safety and access to power, much less store clean solar energy in toxic and hazardous batteries," said SimpliPhi CEO Catherine Von Burg.

SimpliPhi Power has a 15-year track record of providing quality, durable and reliable energy storage solutions for the entertainment, military, residential, commercial and utility markets. The company began its international expansion beyond North America into the budding Australian market in late 2015. Now SimpliPhi continues to expand with Streamline Power, part of Solar PV Partners, a company with demonstrated ability to roll out new battery technologies in residential and commercial applications for off-grid and grid connected customers in the U.K. and Europe.

"We researched the energy storage market to find the highest performing, longest life and safest Lithium battery made today and identified SimpliPhi Power as the ideal solution. SimpliPhi Power has proven its performance in some of the harshest environments and use-cases on earth, will not catch fire, is non-toxic, requires no maintenance and lasts longer than any other battery," commented Managing Director of Streamline Power Dennis Garrison. "We are very proud to be their partner in the U.K. and have already had very high demand for SimpliPhi energy storage systems in universities and commercial properties, as well as in residential."

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