E-world Congress Addresses Topic of Solution Approaches for the Energy World of Tomorrow

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Experts Provide Information About Current Challenges and the Main Topic of the"Smart City"
In 2018, too, the leading fair in the European energy industry, E-world energy &water,  will  be  accompanied,  in  addition  to  the  happenings  at  the  fair,  by  a comprehensive  congress  programme.  From  February  5  to  8,  2018,  a  total  of  15 conferences will offer the trade visitors a frequently used platform for the exchange of knowledge and for discussion: Experts from the political, economic and scientific fields  will  provide  information  about  current  challenges  for  the  energy  world  of tomorrow.
"The main topic set for E-world energy & water 2018, Smart City, will be discussed in  many  congress  contributions  and  best-practice  solutions  will  be  presented," explained  Stefanie  Hamm,  Managing  Director  of  E-world  energy  &  water.  The congresses   will   be   staged,   amongst   others,   together   with   the   University   of Duisburg-Essen,  the  Federal  Association  of  Energy  Market  Service  Providers  and the German Association of Towns and Municipalities (DStGB).
Energy Industry Leadership Meeting 
On the day before E-world (February 5), the congress programme will start with the  Energy  Industry  Leadership  Meeting.  The  guiding  topics  of  the  event,  in cooperation  with  Süddeutsche  Zeitung,  will  be  the  energy  transition  in  Germany with   interim   results   between   politics   and   industry   as   well   as   trends   and developments  as  framework  conditions  for  new  business  models.  The  speakers will  include  Jochen  Homann,  President  of  the  Federal  Network  Agency,  and  Dr. Hans Bünting, Board Member of innogy SE.
The Digital Energy System of the Future and Energy Services 
On  February  6  (parallel  to  the  start  of  the  fair),  the  North  Rhine-Westphalia
Energy Agency will stage the 22nd Specialist Congress for Future Energies together with the North Rhine-Westphalia Energy Region and the North Rhine-Westphalia Energy Research Cluster. The event will centre on the digital energy system of the future.  The  contents  will  be  the  climate  protection  and  energy  policies  of  the federal state as well as lectures about trends, markets and new developments in the energy industry.
The conference entitled "Energy Services Thought One Step Further: Digital, Smart and Efficient" will be dedicated to intelligent energy services in the housing sector and  in  industry.  Amongst other  topics,  Peter  Neuhaus,  Senior  Head  of  the  Sales Department at Rheinenergie AG, will discuss development forecasts for the future topics of Block Chain and Bitcoin. The effects of DIN ISO 50003/50006 on energy services in industry and further topics will supplement the agenda.
Within the framework of the conference called "Development of District Concepts as  a  Business  Field  for  Municipal  Utility  Companies"  on  the  second  day  of  the congress, solution approaches for increasing the energy efficiency of buildings will be examined from various viewpoints and current perspectives from the research and scientific fields will be introduced.
Market Developments for Gas as well as Portfolio and Risk Management 
Perspectives for gas as a fuel and market developments will be highlighted by the International Gas Market Conference on February 7. The protagonists passing on their  expertise  will  include  Statoil,  a  representative  of  the  Green  Gas  Initiative, Volkswagen  AG,  Wien  Energie  and  the  Energy  Research  Institute  of  the  Russian Academy of Sciences.
Within  the  framework  of  the  workshop  entitled  "Current  Developments  in Portfolio and Risk Management", the E-world Congress will offer a platform for the exchange  of  ideas  about  science  and  practice  relating  to  all  aspects  of  forecasts, balancing energy markets, CO2 pricing and the European gas market.
Sales Topics and Research in the Field of Smart Energy 
Digitalisation in the energy industry means orienting your own sales activities morestrongly to the customers' needs. Under the catch phrase of " Walk This Way", the workshop about innovative approaches in the sales activities of a modern energy supplier  on  the  third  day  of  the  fair  will  present  innovative  approaches  along  a modern customer journey.
Also on February 8, the scientific conference called  SmartER Europe  will put the spotlight    on    research    at    the    crossroads    between    engineering,    business management,   economics   and   computer   science:   The   latest   interdisciplinary research  results  will  be  presented  and  discussed  on  the  topics  of  Smart  Grids, Smart  Home  and  Network  Automation,  Smart  Data  Handling,  Smart  Markets, Trading and Business Models.
Further  information,  registration  and  the  complete  conference  programme  at: https://www.e-world-essen.com/en/congress

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