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Green Smart Bus Stops Go Up in Remote Villages of Hsinchu County

As a demonstration of the extending reach of green energy and smart technology, a new type of green smart bus stops have appeared in Chienshih village of Hsinchu County, where passengers can learn dynamic status of bus service by powering display of such information with a small manually operated power generator.

Launched during a ceremony on Dec. 8, the innovative bus stops, dubbed "demand responsive transit system (DRTS)," are manufactured by K-Best Technology with technology licensed by the Smart System Institute (SSI) of the Institute for Information Industry (III), under the auspices of the "smart transportation system development plan" of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications. It substitutes for the antique public-transportation service in the remote village, wherein villagers or travelers have to call the village government for booking bus service.

DRTS facilitates bus service

Feng Ming-hui, SSI director, pointed out that the smart bus stop is the first such device in Taiwan. Passengers can book bus service via an online platform, enabling the management unit to understand the number of passengers and the service time they need before dispatching proper type of vehicle. The unit can grasp the dynamic status of bus drivers for dynamic assignment of mission via App in drivers' mobile phones, so as to provide punctual transport service.

Wang Mu-heng, an MOEA official, noted that application of smart transportation to overcome transportation inconvenience in remote areas is a goal of the "smart transportation system development plan."

Manually operated power generator

The bus stop is with furnished with a manually operated small power generator, to overcome the problem of remote areas beyond the reach of power supply system. It employs cutting-edge IoT technology LoRa, featuring extensive coverage, low power consumption, and strong penetration, suitable for mountainous area such as Chienshih village, which 3G/4G often cannot cover. 

The bus stops have been installed first in major scenic spots of Chienshih village and will be extended to other places of the village later on. The village government hopes that the bus stops can enhance the village's transportation convenience to attract more tourists accessing its attractive tourism resources, such as hot spring.


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