Chunghwa Post Has Put More Than 1,600 Electric Motorcycles into Service and Aims to Electrify Its Entire Motorcycle Fleet in Next Six Years

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Taiwan’s official postal service Chunghwa Post Co. Ltd. held a press event on 15 January to formally launch its electric motorcycle squadron. Chunghwa Post announced that it is now the first government-owned enterprise to have formed an electric vehicle (EV) fleet in support of the island’s action plan to reduce air pollution. Presently, the postal service has already replaced 1,627 traditional fuel motorcycles with electric ones and assigned a budget of TWD 650 million over the next six years to have its motorcycle fleet – totaling at 8,946 vehicles – to become fully electric.

Chunghwa Post displayed some 400 electric motorcycles and their charging system at the press event. The company also invited VIP guests for the event to test ride the electric motorcycle as to demonstrate its various eco-friendly features. After the inauguration ceremony, 50 post carriers rode on their electric motorcycles from the historic Taipei Post Office to other branch offices across the island. Responsible for delivering mails in their respective areas, these 50 vehicles symbolize the vanguard of Chunghwa Post’s green vehicle fleet.

Chunghwa Post told the media that electric motorcycles fit into the priorities of the government’s latest action plan to control air pollution – namely zero emission and reduction of traffic noise. They can effectively relieve the various burdens on the island’s environment. Chunghwa Post began the switch to electric vehicles in 2017 and has been stepping up its efforts to electrify all its transportation options. In the next six years, the postal service will spend TWD 650 million to purchase new electric motorcycles that will be replacing the remaining fuel counterparts in the fleet. The annual carbon reduction that would result from this action is projected to be equal to the carbon absorption capacity of a forest area that is 7.5 times the size of Taipei’s Da’an Forest Park.

Chunghwa Post also stated that its electric motorcycles belong to the logistic transport type and have a delivery box or a luggage rack at the rear end for mails and parcels. These vehicles are thus highly useful to local post carriers. The 1,627 electric motorcycles that have been purchased and rented by the post service are being distributed to offices in Taipei City, New Taipei City, Taoyuan City, Kaohsiung City, Yilan County, and the Penghu Islands. An addition of 600 vehicles will be added to the electric motorcycle fleet next year, and they will be used by carriers in Taichung City, Tainan City, Hsinchu City, and Hsinchu County.

As the automotive industry makes further advancements in EV development, Chunghwa Post plans to eventually acquire four-wheeled EVs featuring greater torque and longer driving range. Like other government-owned enterprises, Chunghwa Post wants to be recognized as a leading advocate of the recent policies on air pollution control and renewable energies. By establishing a fleet of truly green vehicles, the post service not only promotes sustainable development but also raises enthusiasm for EVs among domestic consumers and businesses.

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