IONITY Unveils Its Rapid Charging Concept That May Soon Rival Tesla’s Supercharger Network in Europe

published: 2018-03-19 13:48 | editor: | category: News

As consumers become more interested in getting an electric vehicle (EV), car makers worldwide are starting to build their own charging networks to secure their positions in this growing market. IONITY GmbH – a joint venture created by an alliance of established US and German car makers – just unveiled its concept for a rapid charging network that will cover the whole Europe. IONITY is currently presenting the design of its charging station at the Geneva International Motor Show (held between 8-18 March). The concept images provided by IONITY suggests that the car makers behind the joint venture have agreed on a very clean and futuristic look for the charging stations that will be used by their electric cars.

IONITY was established in November 2017 by the BMW Group, Daimler AG, Ford Motor Company, and the Volkswagen Group (including Porsche AG and Audi AG). The mission of this company is to create a network of rapid charging stations across Europe to allow EV drivers in the region to travel longer distances. 

The pan-European charging network was formally revealed just ahead of the Geneva International Motor Show, and IONITY since then has provided further details of its design and strategy at its official website.

IONITY via a press release states that the company has adopted an architectural style that will make the charging stations feel bright, warm, and open. In addition to the streamlined structures and surfaces for the station, the charger equipment will be composed of advanced lightweight materials and feature a smart user interface. On the whole, IONITY’s design intends to provide a fully satisfactory charging experience for EV drivers while conveying the industry’s theme of “E-Mobility”.

The presentation video at IONITY’s website indicates that the company wants to consistently raise its brand recognition among the consumers. As with the company’s logo, the user interface of the charging equipment shows a gradient of colors during the charging process, indicating that vehicle is being quickly powered up. Also, the roof structures that cover the charger equipment are integrated with lights. They will shine like floating beacons above the station during the night, attracting drivers from the main traffic arteries.

IONITY is currently proceeding with the starting phase of the charging network expansion. Marcus Groll, COO of the company, said that the newly unveiled design represents “the shape of things to come.” According to Groll, the concept charging station has given IONITY’s shareholders, partners, and customers a clear understanding of the company’s future plan.

IONITY states its charger equipment is capable of achieving 350kW in power output, whereas the Supercharger technology offered by Tesla Inc. can delivery up to 145kW. On the other hand, Tesla has already built charging stations in more than 350 locations in Europe. IONITY, which was formed last year, is at the initial stage of the network deployment. The company has begun work on 20 stations and is expected to set up 100 stations by the end of this year. IONITY aims to steadily increase the number of its charging stations in Europe to 400 locations by 2020.

Electrek, a website that focuses on EV news, reports that IONITY’s ambitious infrastructure plan represents the latest efforts by the established car makers to catch up to the EV forerunner Tesla. This state of increasing competition in the market is ultimately positive for EV buyers since car makers will accelerate the growth of the charging infrastructure and the progress in charging technologies.

 (This article is an English translation of news content provided by EnergyTrend’s media partner TechNews.

The credit of images – both the concept images and the video screen captures – goes to IONITY GmbH.)

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