Greater Changhua Offshore Wind Farm Prioritizes CSBC Corporation Taiwan's Local Ship Solutions

published: 2018-03-23 17:16 | editor: | category: News

Global offshore wind farm leading company Ørsted signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with CSBC Corporation Taiwan on March 19. After intense exchanges for more than one year, these two firms' MOU meant that they will continue collaborating with each other to promote offshore wind power generation industry's business opportunities in the future.

Since November 2016, Ørsted and CSBC Corporation Taiwan have regularly met up and shared knowledge to each other, in order to co-explore potential business opportunities for offshore wind power generation. Ørsted already shared procurement basics, professional standards, professional processes and policy information to CSBC Corporation Taiwan

The MOU mainly included two aspects: ship usage, and possible engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) projects. Ørsted led the "Greater Changhua offshore wind farm project". This project will prioritize CSBC Corporation Taiwan's local ship solution.

Greater Changhua offshore wind farm's undersea survey tasks are finished in 2017. The detailed undersea survey investigation will begin in April 2018. Then Ørsted will use local Taiwanese ships to conduct tasks. The survey will cover all the wind turbine bases' designated locations and submarine cable routes.

 "Greater Changhua offshore wind farm project" will take place 35~60 kilometers off the Changhua coast. The planned total power generation capacity will reach 2.4GW. This wind farm will supply 2.8 million households' power usage in Taiwan.

 (Source of information and photos: Ørsted Energy)

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