Gogoro Rolls Out New Models Targeting Students

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With the number of licensed plates for its motorcycles already topping 70,000, Gogoro, Taiwan's electric-motorcycle startup, has set sights on potential student customers, rolling out a new model Gogoro 2 Delight appealing to that group at a press conference on May 29.

Gogoro 2 Delight

In addition to nimble maneuverability for a 115 cc motorcycle, Gogoro 2 Delight also boasts the stability of a 125 cc model, while projecting a futuristic and stylish feel with its silver-blue or champagne-gold coating, in line with previous models of Gogoro 2 series.

It is furnished with 12" aluminum-alloy rims, double front and rear disk brakes, simultaneous braking system (SBS), and back-up assistance, in addition to a stand with 25% labor saving, the highest among similar models.

Another highlight at the press conference is the debut of Gogoro S2, a follow-up model of S Performance series, featuring an eye-catching sports style, including flat graphite gray color, bare handlebars, smoked-black goggles, and black lustrous rearview mirrors.

Gogoro S2 is furnished with new-generation Gogoro G2-S motor, capable of accelerating speed to 50 kilometers/hour in 3.9 seconds and with a cruise range reaching 110 kilometers. The braking system is of high specifications, including four-valve radial calipers, enlarged porous disks, SBS system, and front and rear adjustable suspensions, producing strong braking effect.     

Chen Yien-yang, marketing superintendent, noted that with affordable price tags, the two models target first-time college student customers. Thanks to subsidies from the municipal government, customers with household registration in Taoyuan City can purchase Gogoro 2 Delight at NT$49,800 at minimum and Gogoro S2 at NT$61,800.

The company is also offering a preferential rate for battery usage, according to Chen Yien-yang. From now up to July 31, buyer of any Gogoro model will be eligible for a fixed monthly rate of NT$699 for battery usage without mileage limit for one year, plus 12-month trial use for performance-enhancing Sport Mode. A new rate program for battery usage is also available for existing Gogoro motorcycle riders, offering them a fixed monthly fee of NT$899 without mileage limit, for a three-year contract.

(Collaborative media TechNews, photo courtesy of TechNews)

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