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Taipower to Spend NT$16.2 B. on Strengthening Grid Network

In the wake of frequent massive grid tripping this year, state-run Taiwan Power Company will kick off a NT$16.25 billion five-year "plan for strengthening grid network," calling for renovation of circuits and equipment, installation of monitoring device for load and malfunction of transformers and other hi-tech equipment, and setup of traceability system for renovated equipment, with the target of cutting power outages by 600 cases, including 9% cut of high-voltage power outages, this year.

The plan was unveiled at a press conference on Aug. 2, presided by Shen Jong-chin, minister of economic affairs.

The plan consists of four major items, including renovation of grid circuits and equipment at NT$5.82 billion, renovation of second substations at NT$6.2 billion, setup of smart substations at NT$230 million, expansion of feeder automation at NT$4 billion.  

Taipower notes that the plan is a continuation of its effort to improve power distribution system in recent years, which has significantly cut the number of power outages.

(First photo courtesy of Taipower)

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