China Large Silicon Wafer Forum 2018

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China’s IC imports value is up to $260 billion in 2017, which is much higher than the crude oil imports. China State Council issued "The Outline of National Integrated Circuit Industry Development" and founded National IC Industry Fund in 2014, which revealed high attention from the government.


Silicon wafer is the core raw material in the upstream of IC industry. The global wafer fabrication materials market is $25.98 billion. Silicon wafer market is $7.58 billion, accounted for 29.2%. Crystal Growth is the core procedure in wafer manufacturing. Crystal growth technology is divided into CZ and FZ methods.


Currently, mainstream silicon wafer diameter is 300mm (12 inch) and 200mm (8 inch). Shin-Etsu, Sumco, Global Wafer, Silitronic, SK Silitron are the leading silicon wafer supplier in the world and the total market share of them is over 90%. China’s 12 inch silicon wafer completely depends on foreign imports. Several producers can supply 8 inch products. Now Global 8 inch silicon wafer is in short supply and expand production of 8-inch fab enhanced the demand of 8 inch wafer. The localization of silicon wafer production is very urgent.


Wafer producers like Ferrotec, JRH, AST, Eswin, Shanghai ZINGSEMI etc. have planned to expand capacity of large-sized silicon wafer. The total proposed capacity of 12 inch silicon wafer in China is over 1.2 million pieces per month.


Electronic-grade (EG) polysilicon is the raw material of silicon wafer. Wacker, OCI, REC Silicon, Hemlock are the leading producer in the world. Currently, Chinese EG polysilicon mainly depends on foreign imports. Just several producers began to produce EG polysilicon, such as GCL-Poly Energy and Huanghe Hydropower. To realize the domestic production of EG polysilicon is necessary for China in the future.


China Large Silicon Wafer Forum 2018 will be held on Oct. 25-26 in Suzhou by ASIACHEM. The upcoming conference will discuss global semiconductor industry development and polysilicon market trend; China’s IC industry and large silicon wafer projects planning; requirements to electronic-grade polysilicon; core process of electronic-grade polysilicon; technologies and innovations update; projects planning; prices trend; polysilicon and large silicon wafer integration etc.


The notice is as follows:



  1. China’s IC Industrial Policies & Market outlook
  2. Demands of Large Silicon Wafer from Wafer Fabrication
  3. Global & China's Large Silicon Wafer Supply & Demand
  4. Large Silicon Wafer Production: Chances, Challenges & Solutions
  5. Large Silicon Wafer Projects Planning & Update
  6. Large Silicon Wafer Manufacturing Technologies & Key materials
  7. Electronic-grade Polysilicon Localization and technologies Innovation
  8. Electronic-grade Polysilicon Projects Update
  9. Polysilicon Demand from Wafer Fabrication & Large Silicon Wafer
  10. Technologies innovation: FZ Crystal, Silicon Core preparation, Wafer Cleaning
  11. Integration Trend of Electronic Grade Polysilicon & Large Silicon Wafer Projects
  12. Onsite Visiting: Semiconductor Industrial Park (To be confirmed)


B.    Conference DayOctober 25, 2018

C.   Conference VenueWangfu Jinke Grand Hotel Suzhou

D.   Registration DateOctober 24, 2018   16:00 -21:00

E.    For more details, please contact:

Miss Joanna Chen

Tel: +86-21-68726606-109

Cell: +86-13701609248 (same as wechat)


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