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Gogoro Unveils Brand New 2020 Model

published: 2019-08-08 9:30

Gogoro, Taiwan's leading electric motorcycle manufacturer, has officially unveiled its new Gogoro 2 2020 model, which boasts a faster speed, smarter functions, and more practicality than the existing models.

The new model will be equipped with a smart key card, dubbed “iQ system,” which will be capable of unlocking the motorcycle by a gentle touch. Thanks to the adjustment of the engine, the time from the starting of the engine to the speed of 50 kilometers/hour will be shortened by approximately 0.1 seconds from the existing model. In view of the favorable customer response, a small compartment for the storing of smartphones, gloves, and other items will be available on the new model, along with an additional USB socket for charging mobile phones. The specially designed small compartment can also double as a beverage bottle holder. The motorcycle itself will be powered by a new kind of battery, which can boost its cruising range to 170 kilometers.

The new Gogoro 2 2020 model is expected to galvanize the sales of Gogoro’s entire electrical motorcycle line even further. As of now, the company’s accumulated sales have already topped 200,000 units, with the total number of new license plates exceeding 11,000 monthly in the recent three months. In the sector of the medium- and high-tier 125 cc electric motorcycles, Gogoro 2 now boasts 27% market share.   

Smart key card for Gogoro 2 2020

Situated on the front left side, the storage compartment can be opened by pressing the cover.

Smartphones can be placed inside storage compartment. 

It can also double as holder for bottled beverage.

Among the Gogoro 2 models, the Gogoro 2 Delight, which is dedicated to female riders, now boasts 32% share in the sector of female-use electric motorcycles. The Gogoro 2 Delight is currently furnished with a power-saving kickstand and an assistant backing-up function. By the end of 2020, the Gogoro 2 Delight is expected to come in two new colors-- gray and white. 

White Gogoro 2 Delight 2020

Gray Gogoro 2 Delight 2020

Along with the rollout of the Gogoro 2 2020, the price tags of the motorcycle’s various models will be raised by NT$1,180.

(Collaborative media: TechNews, photos courtesy of TechNews)

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