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Gogoro Rolls Out Gogoro S2 ABS

published: 2019-08-30 0:30

Gogoro, Taiwan’s leading electric-motorcycle manufacturer, has officially rolled out the new Gogoro S2 ABS model, which is equipped with an anti-lock brake system (ABS).

A BOSCH ABS 10 is installed on both the front and rear wheels of the model, to prevent the lockup of tires when the driver hits the brakes in emergency. This can allow the bike to have a much higher stability and controllability. As the brakes are only 580 grams, the bike will only experience a limited increase in weight.

The specially designed tires of the S2 ABS model were jointly developed by Gogoro and MAXXIS to maximize the bike’s safety during inconvenient situations, such as rainy weathers. Appearance wise, the model boasts a unique indigo color, with a hue which varies along with the angle of light. There is also a USB jack below the left handle of the bike.

Gogoro S2 ABS。

There is a Bosch ABS 10 brake for both front and rear wheels.

A USB jack is situated below the left handle.

Gogoro S2 ABS employs smart key card iQ System

The Gogoro S2 ABS boasts a safe maximum speed of 92 km/h, with the maximum power reaching 7.6 kW. It takes only 3.8 seconds for the bike to accelerate from a standstill position to 50 km/h. At a constant speed of 40 km/h, its cruising range can reach 110 km, or 150 km at 30 km/h. It weighs 108 kilos in bare-bones form (123 kilos with battery) and has a 25 L storage compartment.

The new model bears a price tag of NT$101,980 and buyers for the purpose of replacing their two-cycle gasoline motorcycles are entitled to a subsidy from municipal governments, at NT$30,000, the highest, in Yunlin County. A pair of ROAV sunglasses, worth NT$6,800, is also available as a gift for the buyers of any model of the Gogoro S2 series.

(Collaborative media: TechNews, photo courtesy of TechNews)

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