Research Team Proposes Freezing Defective Electric-Car Batteries to Prevent Explosion

published: 2019-12-17 0:30 | editor: | category: News

According to a recent study from the University of Warwick, the flash freezing of faulty electric-car lithium batteries could help to prevent their explosions. 

The team behind the study was able to confirm the anti-blast effectiveness of the method by testing the performances of a total of 18,650 defective batteries.

According to the team’s findings, the overall performances and usage life of the batteries were able to remain intact after being frozen at a temperature -35ºC for two weeks and then thawed. To further test the batteries’ safety, the researchers had also attempted to pierce a few of them with nails to make sure that they wouldn’t explode.

The battery freezing method, if proven to be successful, would be helpful to the electric car models with faulty batteries; as of now, most electric car users are still required to buy the expensive steel anti-blast boxes to maintain and store their batteries. The boxes for a Tesla model typically cost around 10,000 euros.


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