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Mass Production of Solid-State xEV Batteries to Begin by 2024

published: 2019-12-30 0:30

According to industry sources, the first mass production of full solid-state xEV batteries could begin in 2024, which is four years ahead of Toyota’s production schedule. The first mass productions of the semi-solid-state xEV batteries are expected to begin in 2021.

Image by Michał Jamro from Pixabay

Solid-state batteries have long been regarded as the key technology for the development of electric vehicles, as they are typically more efficient and stable. With the use of a high density solid-state battery, the total cruising range for an electric vehicle can be increased to as high as 1,000 km. This is much better than what the mainstream lithium ion batteries can offer for electric cars.

As of now, the interest in the development of solid-state xEV batteries is still rising. The main proponents for this technology include companies like Toyota, Panasonic, Samsung, and LG Chem. China’s CATL, WeLion, Qingtao, Gangfeng, and others, have also shown interest in this technology.

Another potential adopter that is worth mentioning is the German auto giant Volkswagen, which is expected to develop its very own solid-state batteries by the end of 2025. The China-based ProLogium Technology and WeLion will also roll out their very own solid and semi-solid-state batteries by 2020 and 2021, respectively.

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