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Unlimited Music Without Charging: JBL’s Solar-Powered Headphones

published: 2019-12-28 0:00

JBL is exploring the possibility of a solar-powered headphone: the JBL REFELECT Eternal through a crowdsourcing platform.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

The Marriage Between Music and Solar Energy

This new initiative is JBL’s way of responding to the growing environmental awareness on the consumer front. JBL REFLECT Eternal was designed to meet the needs of socially responsible music fans.

How exactly does the solar technology work on the headphones?

By integrating Exeger’s innovative light converting material with JBL’s sound technology, a completely wireless headphone is born. No wires are needed, not even when you are charging.

Exeger’s one-of-a-kind Powerfoyle material is capable of generating power with indoor light and indirect sunlight.

This makes the REFLECT Eternal perfect for active lifestyles: the music enthusiasts can maximize their enjoyment of music without placing a burden on the environment.  

Credit: JBL 

Product Design Crowdsourcing: Two Heads Are Better Than One

For the very first time, JBL is getting the product design feedback about solar-powered headphones from the public.

Through Indiegogo, JBL could gain views and insights from consumers regarding their self-charging, eco-friendly headphones. It is hoped that JBL could better serve the needs of this particular segment of customers.

The bottom-up approach: consumers help shape the products

The crowdfunding project is still on-going until January 14th. There were 14 comments received, at the time of writing.

JBL and Exeger could formulate their product design and marketing strategy according to the feedback they received so that the final product could be exactly what their customers are looking for.







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