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The Top 7 Most Read EnergyTrend Articles in 2019

published: 2019-12-31 18:06

2019 has been an eventful year. As the end of the year approaches, the EnergyTrend editorial team looks back on the top 7 most read articles on the site.

Image by Juned Alam from Pixabay

7 [2019 Digital Solar & Storage] 5G Powers the Digital Energy Revolution

Solar energy is the most widely used renewable energy in Europe today. It is widely agreed that energy digitization and energy storage are the next stops of the energy transformation.

The development of energy digitization will be carried out from the following aspects:

  1. Data Digitization to Lower O&M Cost
  2. Evolution of the electricity grid
  3. 5G will be the catalyzer of digital energy use case


6 [2019 Intersolar Europe] Interview with SolarEdge Founder Lior Handelsman

SolarEdge, known for its premium pricing strategy, is quite unique in the renewable energy industry. In an industry where more and more companies are exiting due to their inability to compete with the aggressive pricing of the Chinese companies, it seems almost outrageous to adhere to a prestige pricing. However, Lior Handelsman, the SolarEdge Founder is undaunted by the competition. And here is why.


5 Taiwan EPC Supplier Rankings for 2018: Chailease Energy’s Market Share Gone Above 10%

In the PV industry in Taiwan, there is no obvious distinction between developers, EPC, contractors and PV project owners, often mixing the four. Chailease Finance has ascended to the top in 2018, because it procured solar farms directly and aggressively when it just entered the industry.


4 Two Major Trends for PV Inverters in 2019: 1,500V + Digitalization

Trend 1: 1500V inverters will become the mainstream.

This is because they can deliver high-quality performances at a lower cost.

Trend 2: Energy digitalization

As the subsidies are drying up, the renewable energy businesses need to up their game to survive in the arena of free trade. Therefore capacity management will take on a more and more prominent role.


3 Typhoon Faxai Destroys Japan’s Biggest Floating Solar Plant

The 120 mph wind brought by Faxai has damaged Japan’s biggest solar plant built by Kyocera at the Yamakura Dam. The fire broke out at the floating project.

It was also challenging to put out the fire at the floating solar installation because fire, water, as well as electricity, are all present at the same time.


2 Three Ways to Improve Wind Resilience of Your Solar Farms

It shall not come as a surprise that wind resilience would be on the top of people’s minds. Given the publicity brought by Typhoon Faxai, wind resilience is once again a hot topic for the solar industry insiders.


1 Li Metal Battery Breakthrough May Boost Electric Vehicle Adoption

Nowadays people practically live on Li-ion batteries. However, Li-ion batteries are not without their problems. The more powerful they are, the bigger their size is, which is a burden to the electric vehicles. Fear not, a new kind of battery may already be on the horizon. Li-Metal batteries are much lighter and powerful, which could facilitate EV adoption.

The EnergyTrend editorial team will be taking a day off on January 1. Our service will resume on January 2.  

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for taking the time to read and engage with our content this year.

May 2020 bring much joy and success to all of you. Happy New Year!

The EnergyTrend editorial team

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