Gogoro to Complete Setup of Service Network in Taiwan

published: 2020-01-08 0:30 | editor: | category: News

Gogoro, the leading electric-motorcycle manufacturer in Taiwan, has officially inaugurated two new service stations in Miaoli County and Hsinchu County, respectively, to complete the setup of its service network in Taiwan.

The Taiwan based e-bike manufacturer was able to complete the constructions of its service stations in counties like Penghu, Keelung, Dungshi, Shalu, Caotun, Donggang, Luodong, and Taitung during early 2019.

To increase its presence, the company will be building an additional 60 e-bike service stations on the island by the end of 2020.

As of now, the size of Gogoro’s sales network is still growing; Up to 1000 traditional motorcycle shops on the island have confirmed that they would be willing to display and sell Gogoro’s electric motorcycles in the near future. This  would allow the Taiwanese company to boost its presence in the EV industry more easily.

With the help of the Industrial Development Bureau, the company will begin to train technicians at the traditional motorcycle shops for the maintenance and repair of its electric motorcycles. It has currently managed to attract a total of more than 600 trainees.

(Cooperative media: TechNews, photo courtesy of Gogoro)

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