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How Solar Energy May Improve Your Relationship

published: 2020-02-14 18:00

Lehi, Utah, Feb. 12, 2020

It's Valentine's Day! Do you want to improve your relationship with your significant other? Vivint Solar reports that 75% of Americans routinely argue over the temperature in their homes, with 64% admitting to underhandedly changing the temperature to suit their own comfort instead of their partner's. Most participants in the survey (37%) reported that their comfort with the temperature in their home was more important than their partner's or children's—and you can forget about guests' comfort level; their importance ranked at a mere 5%. These and more insights were gathered from a group of 2,000 Americans living in domestic relationships in the "Thermostat Wars" report.

In light of all the arguments going on about the thermostat (23% of people said they compromised with sweaters and blankets and 19% of participants stated that they just continue to fight over it), Vivint Solar also sought advice from top relationship experts to offer solutions and provide actionable advice to settle battles over the thermostat once and for all.

Report Highlights

75% of Americans Argue Over the Thermostat—When asked if they have ever argued over the temperature the thermostat is set to in their homes, 75% of respondents said yes. 33% of survey respondents said their partner keeps the house too cold, 31% said it's too hot, and 36% said that the temperature is fine.

60% of People Get Angry When Someone Changes Their Thermostat—A majority of people reported feeling angry when someone touched their thermostat, but 64% of people reported that they still change the thermostat without their partner knowing.

70 Degrees is the Best Temperature to Keep Your Home—According to survey participants, the most comfortable temperature in the home is 70 degrees. Both men and women agreed that the ideal temperature should be around 70, but men and a majority of people who are 55 and older were slightly more likely to endorse temperatures around 68 degrees.

54% of Americans Argue Because They're Uncomfortable with the Temperature—While the majority of Americans report that they argue with their partner or spouse because they're uncomfortable with the temperature, 32% of them said they were concerned about the cost of running their heater or air conditioner and 14% of them reported that they were worried about the environmental impact of the energy used to heat and cool their homes.


How to Improve Your Relationship via Smart Energy Solution

Vivint Solar looked to Relationship Experts for Actionable Solutions—With all the conflict going on over the thermostat, Vivint Solar looked to relationship experts to provide reasonable solutions.

"Instead of arguing, pick a number."

If 68 degrees feels good for one person and 72 feels good for the other person, try compromising on a number in the middle," advises relationship expert and founder of the Relationship Institute of Palm Beach, Jessica Baum.

"As a clean energy company invested in people's overall comfort with how they use energy in their homes, it's interesting to see when conflicts about their comfort actually occur and why they're occurring," states Miranda Barnard, VP of Marketing at Vivint Solar. "Reports like the 'Thermostat Wars' help us gain more insight into what's causing conflict, but more importantly, they allow us to recommend solutions, like installing a smart thermostat or going solar, of course."


About Vivint Solar

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