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Pipeline Procurement Intelligence Report – Insights into Pipeline Procurement Risks, Category Best Practices, and Key Questions Asked by Procurement Professionals

published: 2020-05-01 22:00

SpendEdge has announced the availability of its latest report on Pipeline Procurement for pre-order. The report on pipeline procurement is part of a larger series of reports on the global energy market, which includes all spend related to the provision of energy including electricity, gas, and alternative energy. This includes management related services such as meter reading and any levies but does not include the provision of infrastructure installations for energy.

According to SpendEdge's experts, the growing world population and economic development, especially in Asian countries have shifted the demand-supply equation and has created a more complex supply chain for the pipeline category. The increasing demand for environment-friendly solutions is changing the pipeline category dynamics as well.

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Pipeline Procurement Risks

  • Severe weather conditions such as cyclones, floods, tsunamis, and earthquakes can significantly impact the value chains. They can result in costly damages to human resources, facilities, and infrastructure which can lead to inconsistency in supply.
  • Procurement without consulting the actual users of the pipeline will result in a mismatch in expectations of the buyer's internal stakeholders versus the actual contract executed.
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Pipeline Procurement Best Practices

  • Buyers need to conduct periodic quality audits at the suppliers' facilities to assure adherence to the contract terms and compliance with regulations.
  • Fuel suppliers are expected to have robust logistics capabilities in terms of their transportation reach. This will ensure that the fuel is supplied to buyers' distribution facilities such as the fuel stations, thus minimizing the buyer's effort to transport the fuels from the ports to their facilities.
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Key Questions Answered in this Pipeline Procurement Report

  • What is the spend potential in the pipeline market?
  • What is the correct price to pay for pipeline? What are the key trends and factors that influence current and future pricing?
  • Which selection criteria are the most important for pipeline Suppliers Market?
  • Who are the top pipeline suppliers? What are their cost structures?
  • What are supplier margins in pipeline market?
  • Which negotiation levers can reduce pipeline procurement cost?
  • What are the best practices for pipeline procurement and what are the potential risks?


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