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Sungrow Rolls Out the Latest Three-phase Inverter SG25CX-SA for Brazilian 220V Market

published: 2020-05-08 22:00

 Sungrow, the global leading inverter solution supplier for renewables, launched the Company's three-phase 1000Vdc commercial inverter SG25CX-SA for Brazilian 220V grid system, showcasing its commitment to the flexibility and reliability of regional grid voltage requirement in commercial and industrial (C&I) applications.

Sungrow three-phase inverter SG25CX-SA (Image from Sungrow)

Sungrow's three-phase inverter SG25CX-SA with unparalleled performance is ideal for Brazilian 220V grid condition which accounts for 55% of diversified local grid voltage modes. Equipped with multiple MPPTs, the 25kW inverter is accessible to be installed in diverse commercial PV plants and guarantees optimal power generation even in the shade. It can be compatible with bifacial modules, offering higher yields and lower LCOE as well.

Particularly with an ingress protection level of IP66 and an anti-corrosion grade of C5, it's able to accomplish the feat with stunning efficiency with improved resilience. Designed with smart forced air-cooling technology, the inverter can operate without derating at scorching weather conditions. With Built-in PID (potential induced degradation) recovery function, the SG25CX-SA can significantly reduce power loss.

It enables remote firmware update, touch free commission and can co-work with Sungrow's intelligent monitoring system iSolarCloud, which offers a graphical readout of timely plant production, as well as the status of the PV array and inverter via portable smart devices.

"We are enthused to bring forth another standout innovation SG25CX-SA, a typical three-phase inverter for 220V grid for Brazil, maximizing ROI for our customers at unforeseen levels," said Rafael Ribeiro, Country Manager of Sungrow Brazil. "Along with the rapid development of the comprehensive technical support, sales, after-sale service, we're confident to navigate more in this vibrant emerging market," he added.

Since entering Brazil in late 2010s, Sungrow has been making big moves with inverters supplied across the country, including an 80MW project in Brazil and hundreds of distributed generations in partnership with local distributors. Sungrow took the first place in market share across Brazil in 2019, according to IHS Markit.

About Sungrow

Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd ("Sungrow") is the world's most bankable inverter brand with over 100 GW to be installed worldwide as of December 2019. Founded in 1997 by University Professor Cao Renxian, Sungrow is a leader in the research and development of solar inverters, with the largest dedicated R&D team in the industry and a broad product portfolio offering PV inverter solutions and energy storage systems for utility-scale, commercial, and residential applications, as well as internationally recognized floating PV plant solutions. With a strong 23-year track record in the PV space, Sungrow products power installations in over 60 countries, maintaining a worldwide market share of over 15%. Learn more about Sungrow by visiting www.sungrowpower.com.

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