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Risen Energy Has Been Included in the "Top Ten Module Brands in China" List Again, Coming in 5th

published: 2020-06-01 10:00

The Fifth Century Photovoltaic Conference, co-organized by Century New Energy Network and Photovoltaic Brand Lab (PVBL), was recently held online. At the conference, the PVBL Annual Photovoltaic Brand Rankings List, which is generally recognized across the industry as the benchmark of the Chinese solar market, was announced. 

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Risen Energy garnered four awards including being named as one of the Global Top Photovoltaic Brands and receiving the Technological Innovation Award. The other two awards include ranking fifth among the Top Ten Module Brands and ninth among the Top Ten Power Station Investor Brands.

Risen Energy has been entered in the list of the Top Ten Module Brands for several consecutive years. Coming in fifth this year fully shows the degree to which the firm is among China's top performers in terms of comprehensive strength. Listed as an A-share on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and a leader among the world's publicly traded makers of photovoltaic equipment, Risen Energy has moved beyond its preeminent position in the domestic market to create a significant presence worldwide, all while maintaining an ability to have keen insight into the market. The company has always been committed to the research and development of low-cost, high-efficiency products, resulting in the ownership of a number of independent IP technologies alongside its many technical achievements.

The firm's many years of R&D and innovation efforts have yielded many useful technologies, among them the heterojunction with intrinsic thin-layer (HIT) module, the PERC module, the TOPCON cell and the first large-size wafer deploying the 210 mm 50-cell module. This is on top of a number of new module technologies, namely, half-cells, patchwork patterns, bifacial shingle cells, ultra-thin double-sided glass and highly reflective back panels. Risen Energy is not only the world's first photovoltaic manufacturer to have successfully produced 500W high-efficiency modules, they are also the first to receive an order for these modules and have shipped the world's first batch. Despite the difficulties presented by COVID-19, the highly demanded initial batch was shipped on the eve of this year's May Day holiday in China, saving a good week that would have been lost due to the length of the holiday.

In addition to the outstanding achievements in technology-driven research and development, Risen Energy has been aggressively engaged in the construction and management of power stations. The company has now developed and operates a significant number of photovoltaic power stations in multiple countries and regions targeted by the Chinese government's One Belt, One Road initiative, including AustraliaIndiaKazakhstanMalaysiaNepal and Vietnam.

Leon Chuang, the global marketing director at Risen Energy, said, "The winning of the four awards represents not only high recognition from the industry, but also serves as an encouragement to our future development. Risen Energy will keep improving its technological prowess in R&D, enhancing its brand influence, and collaborating with industry partners to drive the photovoltaic industry's efforts in developing high-efficiency products."

SOURCE Risen Energy Co., Ltd

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