Delta Electronics Establishes Healthy and Green Building by Integrating Smart IoT Technology in “SMART WELL BEING”

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Curating every year at COMPUTEX through various distinctive themes, Delta Electronics has decided on the theme of “SMART WELL BEING” this year, and the CBO Guo Shan-shan will be talking about how the application of smart IoT technology is able to help with establishing healthy, comfortable, and energy conserving green buildings at the online activity “#COMPUTEXOnlineTalks” hosted during the initial exhibition period.

Guo Shan-shan will be joining Chiang Wen-hsing, Senior Director of Delta Building Automation Solutions, and Chang Wei-shun, Senior Director of IWBI Asia, on taking turns to explain the focus of the exhibition this year, as well as sharing advanced technologies including Delta Electronics’ IoT smart building solution, micro-grid systems, and 8K projections by surrounding the exhibition theme of “SMART WELL BEING”.

 “Delta Electronics has been dedicated in energy conservation for buildings for a long time, and with the development of IoT smart technology, we believe that buildings should also take into account the needs of the users, so as to provide further happiness”, as commented by Guo Shan-shan. The “SMART” in the theme represents Delta Electronics’ smart technology of building automation, energy management, and 8K projections that can be applied in business buildings, where “WELL” is the globally leading standard in healthy building, and Delta Electronics also became a Keystone member of IWBI last year. By integrating SMART with WELL, Delta Electronics is able to elevate energy conservation for buildings and comfort through technology, as well as bring healthiness and happiness to the users.

The building automation solution of Delta Electronics uses IoT as the foundation, and integrates sub expert systems including air conditioning, illumination, infrastructure, energy management, and security access control, into a single master control management platform, which implements automatic adjustments according to the user behavior through smart detection. Chiang Wen-hsing, Senior Director of Delta Building Automation Solutions, explained that Delta Electronics utilizes energy conservation for buildings and energy management as the core to integrate various sub expert systems and equipment within buildings on the open-platform IoT architecture, and satisfies the biggest elasticity demand for cross-region, cross-database, and cross-industry usages, as well as provides value-oriented building automation solutions.

 “An excellent foundation of green building structural design, together with the mutual smart control of building automation, will not only satisfy usage demand, but also establish a healthy, comfortable, and soothing environment”, as mentioned by Chiang Wen-hsing, who also commented that Delta Electronics has been actively incorporating the WELL standard into application to elevate the mutual adjustment and control capability between systems of indoor environment detection, temperature and humidity control, new air, and illumination, in order to create pristine green buildings that are people oriented and consist of healthy, smart, and energy conservation functions.

Chang Wei-shun, Senior Director of IWBI Asia, expressed that people spend 90% of their time indoors, thus the living environment contains profound health significance. In addition to becoming an IWBI Keystone member that grasps on the trend of healthy buildings, Delta Electronics is aggressively obtaining the professional personnel eligibility of WELL AP, and the new building that is currently in construction in Taipei will also fight for WELL certification, which reflects Delta Electronics’ emphasis on the health of its employees, and also highlights the value of people oriented. The synergy in the belief of both parties will facilitate a smooth implementation of healthy buildings.

The micro-grid system operating on the roof of Delta Electronics’ platinum LEED headquarter building in Taipei has integrated a solar power generation system, as well as a power adjustment, energy storage, and energy management platform, which serves as a distributed energy structure for the building. The smart micro-grid system is able to help with the demand adjustment and peak cut of electricity, whereas the 8K theater located on the top floor is equipped with the first 8K projector in the world, which also plays 4K and FDH contents alongside the surreal 8K resolution. In addition, the 8K short video “Powering the Next” produced by Delta Electronics recently uses visual images to present advanced technologies including the power system, key components and parts, and charging in the electric vehicle field.

COMPUTEX 2020 has been postponed to September due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and has invited various tech giants including Delta Electronics to provide insights through the “#COMPUTEXOnlineTalks” during the initial exhibition period. Guo Shan-shan commented that Delta Electronics had decided during winter time last year on the SMART WELL BEING theme for COMPUTEX by exhibiting a green building that focuses on the users’ demand and health, and this concept is even more meaningful now in the midst of the pandemic.

 (Cover photo source: Delta Electronics)

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