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Your Monday Briefings: All the Solar News (Week 25)

published: 2020-06-15 17:37

Welcome back to another busy week! This time, we are covering Trina Solar’s IPO on Shanghai Sci-Tech Innovation Board, how the COVID-19 has impacted Japan’s solar industry, Australia’s construction of a 3.6 GW solar-plus-storage project to produce hydrogen, and many more!

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Your Monday Briefings is now divided into 2 sections:

  1. The 1st section has all the solar news related to COVID-19
  2. The 2nd section has the solar news which has little to do with the pandemic.

If you want to read news unrelated to the coronavirus, you can simply scroll down to the 2nd section of the article.



Danish electric vehicle carsharing platform, GreenMobility, will make 200 cars available for the Swedish markets, more specifically, Malmö and Gothenburg. Due to COVID-19, the company’s expansion to Sweden has been postponed. Now the carsharing platform is finally ready to be launched in Sweden on Monday, June 15.

Source: GreenMobility


Observing India’s federal government’s guidance, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy are vigilant about direct foreign investment in the companies which are hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic. Those that originated from neighboring countries, in particular, are on the watch list.

There is concern that other countries may see the staggering PV companies in India as easy preys and take advantage of the share prices that have plummeted due to the pandemic.

Source: pv magazine


The Japanese solar energy industry was already experiencing difficulties in terms of tariff structure and grid interconnection issues before the pandemic.

The onset of COVID-19 has disrupted the supply chain. The shipment from China was delayed. New solar projects were unable to be installed due to the pandemic-induced restrictions imposed by the government.

Additionally, the decline in the local electricity requirement made gas and coal a very attractive alternative to the renewables.

Source: TaiyangNews


SECTION 2-1: NON-COVID-19 Regional Market News

And for those of you who are sick of COVID-19 news, here are the news that are not (entirely) related to COVID-19.


A renewable energy company Austrom Hydrogen plans to construct a 3.6 GW solar-plus-storage project to produce hydrogen. The company calls the project Pacific Solar Hydrogen and the site is said to be in Callide, Queensland.

Austrom Hydrogen declares that more than 200,000 tons of hydrogen will be produced by Pacific Solar Hydrogen every year.

Source: TaiyangNews


The Bangladeshi government hopes that the Spectra Solar Project will demonstrate that the country’s PV sector is an attractive investment to the foreign investors.

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the German and Canadian governments have announced their plans to finance a 35 MW solar plant in Bangladesh with an investment package totaling US$17.7 million.

Source: pv magazine


CPIA’s initial guidance for annual new solar was between 35 GW to 45 GW. Due to the onset of pandemic, the agency has revised its guidance to between 32 GW to 45 GW.

Despite the fact that the PV industry has suffered huge blows due to pandemic, the Chinese manufacturers continued to carry on their technological advancement and expansion of manufacturing capacity. This could contribute to the relatively optimistic forecast of CPIA

Source: TaiyangNews

The Netherlands

A 1.62 MW floating solar power plant commissioned by Dutch water company Evides Waterbedrijf has become operational recently. The plant is located at a reservoir in Kralingen, near Rotterdam. And 15% of the electricity demand of the nearby buildings is estimated to be met by the new plant.

Evides Waterbedrijf is considering to commission more floating solar plants on 3 other reservoirs, of which Biesbosch reservoir boasts 350-hectare water surface.

Source: pv magazine


SECTION 2-2: NON-COVID-19 Company News

Risen Energy

On June 5, Risen Energy and the Management Committee of Yiwu Economic and Technological Development Zone signed the "Framework Agreement of 15 GW High-efficiency Battery + 15 GW Module Project".

The project is planned to be constructed in two phases. A 5 GW high-efficiency battery and 5GW high-efficiency module production line will be built during phase 1. The construction is expected to take 2 years.

During phase 2, the 10 GW high-efficiency battery and 10 GW high-efficiency module projects will be gradually completed and the subsequent production will commence in the next 3-5 years, depending on the market demand.


JinkoSolar recently unveiled its 2020 flagship module series, Tiger Pro.

The maximum power of modules of this series is 580W. And the module efficiency is 21.6%.

Shandong Golden Sun Energy Group Co., Ltd.

On June 3, the management committee of Fuxin National High-tech Industrial Development Zone signed a project cooperation agreement with Shandong Golden Sun Energy Group Co., Ltd.

The goal is to jointly build an industry cluster project with 1 GW of high-efficiency HJT battery manufacturing capacity.

Trina Solar

On June 10, Trina Solar was the first ever Chinese PV company that is successfully listed on Shanghai Sci-Tech Innovation Board and issues first A-Shares.

Yingli Green Energy Holding Co., Ltd

On June 9 EST, photovoltaic enterprise Yingli Green Energy Holding Co., Ltd. (“Yingli”) has made an announcement that its subsidiary in China, Yingli Energy (China) Co., has officially entered the judicial restructuring process. An administrator has also been assigned to Yingli for supervising the restructuring.

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