Gogoro S3 ABS Debuts on Racetracks In Full Throttle

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Gogoro has announced its brand new model Gogoro S3 ABS, and will be collaborating with racer Lin Bo-cheng on a maximum performance 125cc model that will make its debut at the TSR competition this weekend. Gogoro S3 is priced at TWD$89,980, and the S3 ABS is priced at $96,980.

Gogoro has once again improved on its high-end model and claims that the company has built the best performing high-end scooters, S3 and S3 ABS, with remarkable racing features.

Horace Luke commented that although the company was pleased with the final result of S2, 125cc racer Lin Bo-cheng expressed after a test ride that there are improvements that can still be made on the S2, and the two parties joined hands subsequently and begun designing a more powerful 125cc scooter.

Gogoro penetrates into three facades when implementing the transformation of Gogoro 3, which are the strength of the frame, geometric design, and dynamic performance, allowing S3 to ride straight to racetracks upon assembly.

The vertical rigidity of S3 is 11% higher than that of S2, and is able to suppress longitudinal strain during high horsepower output; S3 is also equipped with an additional 8.7% of torsional rigidity for a more stable acceleration, deceleration, and cornering.  

S3 has achieved an angle of inclination for the left and right sides at 41/45 respectively, where the left has a lower figure due to hardware installation, though it is still a magnificent achievement. As for the front fork, the drag distance has been reduced, and the angle of the handler has been adjusted for a more flexible maneuvering.

In contrast to S2, the center of gravity for S3 is reduced by roughly 5cm, and the bodyweight has also decreased by 5kg, allowing a better overall dynamic performance. Although S3 has adopted the 7.6kw motor used by the S series, the reconstruction of the body will facilitate a faster acceleration for the scooter.

An ABS version has also been announced for S3, with hundreds of modified parts, and the default model will also be equipped with the MAXXIS MA EV wheels and the Bosch 10 double feeder ABS.

 “You have to hit the brake later than the others if you want to stay fast on the race tracks”, commented Lin Bo-cheng, who also expressed that a racer is most emphasized on the rigidity of the vehicle, and the S3 model that he personally designed has a flexible handler, which allows for a faster cornering, and the large angle of inclination maintains high speed on curved sections, where the large torque at low speed after exiting from the corners will be the stage to shine for the scooter.

Gogoro and Lin have increased from 26 cores to 33 cores for the shock absorber to increase the support, which performed excellently when travelling on various road surfaces, including severe and sand surfaces.

 “It would be perfect for the S3 ABS to go straight to the racetrack with the current suspension setting”, commented Lin Bo-cheng, who is expected to ride on the new S3 ABS for the TSR competition this weekend.

In addition to racetrack performance, the scooter has also underwent several upgrades, including the improvement on the material of the body, which has been changed from the initial PP material adopted by Gogoro 3 to the new metal texture of PP, which is not only scratch resistance, but also renders metal glossiness.

The handler comes with a “fully exposed” design, and a comprehensive blacked out color choice, rendering a sophisticated racing style. There is also a spoiler design underneath the headlight, which is most likely for entertainment purposes.

The storage box that is used the most has also received upgrade, where the 26.5L capacity is able to fit a racing grade helmet, along with some other accessories.

Both Gogoro S3 and S3 ABS have opened for preorder. S3 is officially priced at TWD$89,980, and TWD$96,980 for the ABS model, and the additional $6,000 discount as well as the TWD$499 unlimited plan are available in the hope to generate sales.

 (Photo source: Gogoro)

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