AISWEI Introducing More Localized Services By Joining Hands with SINO on Establishing Integrated Solutions

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With the prosperous development of the solar market in Taiwan, and the annually increasing installed capacity, the accumulated installed capacity in Taiwan before 2019 has arrived at 4.3GW, and may achieve the 20GW target by 2025. This wave of green energy has invigorated the development of relevant equipment, where major inverter manufacturer AISWEI is also introducing more comprehensive after-sales services subsequent to its years of development in Taiwan, in order to optimize the localized service experience.

A solar inverter converts the direct current emitted from solar energy into the alternating current used by the power grid, and apart from being an important equipment of current conversion, the efficiency of equipment and the stability in operation will also drastically impact the overall quality and lifespan of power generation. An excellent inverter is able to stabilize the power generation system, reduce energy depletion derived from power conversion and transmission, as well as minimize power loss caused by rapid climate changes and shadows, bringing long-term and stable power generation benefits that will eventually decrease the overall cost of the solar power system.

Hence, it goes without saying that solar inverters are crucial to solar power sites.  AISWEI adheres to the German standards in the technology and process for inverters, and has adopted high standard testing and a rigorous quality management system that is dedicated in elevating product values.

AISWEI has been developing in Taiwan for a long time. The company began supplying high quality and standard products for Zeversolar and SMA in Taiwan when it was still a wholly-owned subsidiary of SMA Solar Technology in China before 2019. In accordance with various demands from the solar market in Taiwan, AISWEI will also release diversified solar inverters of 15KW, 20KW, 25KW, and 40KW that meet different capacity requirements, and continue to develop in the field of solar rooftop that will not only reduce expenditure on electricity tariff and revitalize existing assets, but also fulfill social responsibility. Simultaneously, AISWEI has also grasped on the potential in ground solar installations by 2025, and is in the midst of comprehensive preparation for releasing high power equipment.

In addition to providing high quality products for the Taiwan market, AISWEI is also working with SINO Environmental Services Corp, a subsidiary of CTCI, in order to further refine the before-sale and after-sales services in Taiwan, providing faster and more efficient after-sales services, including on-site installation, technical support, after-sales maintenance, and logistics, which introduce integrated solutions for the solar industry.

After all, the lifespan of solar panels is more than 25 years, and may be extended to 30 years in the future. The operation of solar power generation sites is closely concatenated with the maintenance of high power generation performance, where maintaining the optimal power generation status and maximized power generation benefit for solar power plants, as well as implementing after-sales services and operation maintenance, are becoming important.

In order to facilitate solar development, the Taiwanese government has planned for the 20GW installed capacity of solar power as the goal by 2025, including 17GW of ground installations and 3GW of rooftop installations. The 2nd phase of the “2 Years Promotion Program for Solar Photovoltaic” previously proposed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs states that 2019 and 2020 will be respectively added with 1.5GW and 2.2GW of capacity, totaling 3.7GW in total, and the accumulated installed capacity of solar power will be elevated to 6.5GW in 2020.

AISWEI believes that the existing solar market is experiencing rapidly improved technology as well as aggressive market competition, thus the stability in the service quality has become an important soft power for each brand, where robust services are able to reinforce corporate competitiveness in order to seize market shares.

Furthermore, AISWEI’s emphasis in services is also exhibited during the pandemic. While satisfying the requirements of various countries and local governments, the company has reduced the impact on the consumers by having conducted deep communication and collaboration with upstream suppliers to reduce the provision risk in raw materials and ensure the demand in domestic and foreign supply.

 (Photo source: AISWEI)

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