PGO Racing Ur1 PLUS Electric Scooter Abandons Cuteness and Excels in Performance

published: 2020-10-06 18:30 | editor: | category: News

PGO’s electric scooter Ur1 has always been going for the cute look, and had even released the HelloKitty collaborated model this year, though the company has discarded the cute direction by creating the pristine version of Ur1 PLUS with its authentic racing background that is paired with S-grade motor and its autonomous high specification suspension, which is ready to arouse your passion.

2020 is indeed fascinating. Aeon Motor, the company known for its tough-looking designs, had just announced yesterday its lightweight Ai-3 Comfort scooter designed for female users, and PGO, famous for its cute designs, released the racing Ur1 PLUS today that highlights its performance.

Equipped with a 7.6Kw motor, Ur1 PLUS requires merely 3.8 seconds for an acceleration from 0-50, and the intrepid power is backed with the craftsmanship of PGO, which include the proud suspension system that uses a 33mm front fork, and the rear suspension is adopted with preload damping-adjustable nitrogen shock absorber, where the preload stepless adjustable spring and the multi-adjustable rebound damping provide improvement in control and stability, allowing a smoother experience when cornering.

The default version of the Ur1 PLUS is also configured with the MAXXIS double-action exclusive tires for electric scooters that offer better grip on dry and wet road surfaces. Paired with the front and rear double disc braking system of CBS, the scooter showcased its excellent performance on the day of announcement, which happened to be pouring down.

While experience upgraded performance, the Ur1 PLUS also offers compartment lights, USB charging ports, front storage space, and the automatic seat opening function. Ur1 PLUS is configured with a 748mm high seat and an effortless mid-section that makes it a scooter of both performance and light weight.

Ur1 PLUS is offered in 4 colors, which include the simplistic rust red and milk tea colors, as well as the “917 blue” and “silver black” that pay tribute to the 24 Heures Le-Mans. Apart from its racing car contour, the rear-view mirror, front turn signals, and the rear armrest are all finished in matte black to create a stunning result.

Such remarkable specifications are bound to be reflected on the retail price. The Ur1 PLUS is priced at NTD$95,800, and will be available for NTD$89,800 during the initial period of launching.

PGO currently has a total of 33 retail stores of smart electric scooters. After absorbing the experience in the growth of electric scooters from the past year, PGO has decided to deploy in advance by expanding its service locations of electric scooters to 200 stores by 2021 in estimation, which will resolve the long queuing for maintenance, and provide a peace of mind for the consumers.

The good part has been said, now let’s move on to the not so good part. Although the Ur1 PLUS has seemingly fulfilled on both the demand for performance and lightweight at the same time, the satisfaction of the consumers remains to be seen. Perhaps this scooter has ticked all the boxes in terms of hardware design, though its uncertain product positioning will be of a major challenge to its marketing.

PGO is regarded as the manufacturer that has implemented the best transformation of the Gogoro 2 structure as of now by refining all specifications. We hope that this scooter is able to receive significant resonances in the market, and that PGO can also construct its own electric scooter structure that will stimulate the market of electric scooters.

 (Photo source: captured by TechNews)

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