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Gogoro Expands its Reach in South Korea, Setting up 70 Battery Swap Stations

published: 2023-06-13 9:30

A global shift towards electrification is on the move, and Taiwanese e-scooter manufacturer Gogoro is leading the charge. In a thrilling announcement, the company is bolstering its presence in South Korea by extending its ground-breaking battery exchange system to seven cities outside the bustling metropolis of Seoul. This development will also spark the sale of Gogoro’s coveted e-scooters, driving the brand’s global momentum.

Gogoro’s dream of international expansion is finally taking shape this year, following the easing of pandemic-related restrictions. After making inroads in India and Southeast Asia, Gogoro is partnering once again with South Korea’s bustling delivery market, spreading the eco-friendly revolution of Taiwanese e-scooters and battery swapping systems across eight major South Korean cities.

The key player in this charge forward is South Korea’s Bikebank, a prominent name in motorcycle rental services and a trusted ally for many delivery riders. In a strategic maneuver, Bikebank has powered up a subsidiary, Dotstation, to exclusively collaborate with Gogoro. This partnership aims to build over 70 cutting-edge battery swap stations across a network of cities, including Seoul, Daegu, Sejong, Changwon, Incheon, Gyeongnam, Geyeonggi-do, and Ulsan. This move is sure to empower South Korean delivery partners, instilling confidence to switch to e-scooters. Furthermore, Dotstation has its sights on a third-quarter roll-out of Gogoro e-scooters in the South Korean market.

Gogoro scooters have been in use for deliveries in Seoul for more than 3 years.

Seoul was quick to embrace this green wave as early as 2019, becoming one of Gogoro’s pioneering overseas partners through introducing a battery swap network and e-scooters—though the scale remained relatively small. Now, with Dotstation’s strategic opening of two showrooms to retail Gogoro’s e-scooters, and an extended battery swap network, South Korean citizens can soon navigate major cities on their own Gogoro scooters.

While neither party has publicly disclosed expected sales targets, estimates suggest that the 70 battery swap stations could service around 10,000 vehicle owners. Yet, it may be challenging to hit this sales target in the early stages of market penetration.

Despite these challenges, April has brought renewed hope. Seoul announced a generous subsidy program for 1,400 e-scooters, equating to approximately 2 to 3 million Korean won (~USD 2,000). Given this support, Gogoro’s 2 series or Viva Mix series scooters could offer unparalleled value, making the prospect of selling over 1,000 units in South Korea this year an electrifying possibility.

 (Image Source: Gogoro)

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